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Santa Clara Police Department


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Off Duty System


With the opening of the new football stadium Santa Clara would have a monumental task scheduling and coordinating public safety staff to work the anticipated events, including the most prestigious professional football game in the United States. Game Day Staffing worked hand-in-hand with the Agency partner to understand its unique requirements and needs in order to devise a solution. On top of that, the system required a centralized web based platform to facilitate access by geographically dispersed officers many of whom worked for other Agencies. Time was of the essence.

Using extensive knowledge and experience with large event public safety scheduling, Game Day Staffing guided the planning, design, development, and implementation of a flexible; yet, robust system.

During the process, Game Day Staffing communicated weekly with the assigned Lieutenant in charge of event scheduling, implemented requested features and changes, and coordinated with the Agency’s IT staff. The objective was always to make it “right” and deliver to full expectations. Additionally, all parties were well aware of the opening day deadline and the impending regular football season. Another challenge would be to ensure multi-Agency access to augment staff using local surrounding Agencies.

“Above all else, I am most impressed and thankful for your customer service. I understand that on several occasions when questions and or suggestions were raised on how to customize the system to fit our general needs, your team always went above and beyond the call of duty to listen and make changes.”

Chief Michael Sellers, Chief of Police, Santa Clara Police Department, California

The system was delivered ahead of schedule with all the desired features, reports, and ready for opening day. And, it has subsequently performed better than expected. This was definitely a success story and demonstrates the partnership fostered throughout the process. This case study illustrates working together to find a solution, in this case, Game Day Staffing and Santa Clara Police Department.

Located in the San Francisco Bay area, host city of professional football stadium

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